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My mind wanders from subject to subject, so dig deeper into my gallery to uncover some rarely viewed plushie deposits and ancient relics of my first attempts at sewing. And unearth some sculptures, drawings and photos ...

...Why am I talking like an archaeologist?

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Now with folders of organization! Look through them and be amazed at the wondrous art of others. Savor the awesome! Just...don't eat the folders.


So...over the weekend, I went to RealmsCon because Steam Powered Giraffe was performing there.  They hardly ever perform in Texas, so I wanted to see them again, since the last time I saw a live performance was in 2012, when The Jon was still a member.  At their last performance, I had some little giraffe plushes I made based off of each of their robot characters, and I got two of them signed by The Spine and Rabbit.  So this year, I decided to bring along the Hatchworth giraffe to have it signed by Hatchy himself.

I also decided to make a completely new cosplay based on one of my current obsessions- Shovel Knight.  I dressed as the boss character Specter Knight and wandered around the con on Friday and Saturday.  I actually wasn't expecting anyone to recognize my costume, but there were a few people that pointed at me and knew I was Specter Knight, or at least knew what game Specter Knight came from, so that was nice.  A few people took pictures of my costume, and one person even asked if I wanted to be in one of those cosplay music videos that they were making, but I declined that offer because I'm not really that good at posing/looking cool for those kinds of things...

Anyhoo, the SPG performance was great- I've been kind of out of the loop on what things they added to the show, so it was all a pleasant surprise with all of the extra bits featuring the Walter Girls, QWERTY, Beebop, and GG.  It was fun!  And then the next day, they had a Q&A/autograph segment, so I brought my Hatchworth giraffe to get signed.  When I handed it over to Sam/Hatchworth, he complimented my handiwork and was almost reluctant to sign over all of the lines I had painted.  He signed the Hatch-raffe on the neck, and thus, the trio of signed giraffes was completed.  That was the coolest thing to happen to me since...uh... the last time I got giraffe plushes signed...

I didn't take any photos of anything...mostly because all of the cool cosplayers I saw were gone the moment I looked towards my bag containing the camera.  But some of the highlights include the Diglett cosplayer-  a huge Diglett with legs sticking out the bottom, and a squeaky nose, Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain- he even had the shrapnel sticking out of his forehead and the robotic arm, and there...may have been a Kaz behind him with a balloon tied to a plush animal.  At least, I think it was Kaz..., and then I believe I saw some Red vs Blue cosplayers- there was Washington and The Meta/Maine (complete with knifle)- I reeeeeaaaally wanted their pictures, but I had to go to a panel, and I never found them again...;_;

But yeah, it was fun- I bought some stuff, got stuff signed, and even got a decent view at the SPG concert and the Q&A session.   It was a good weekend...even if I didn't find any Shovel Knights/LEGO cosplayers like I hoped would happen...
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Amanda H.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I draw, sew, construct items out of various materials (mostly fanart/plushies/cosplay items), and occasionally I try to make up characters/stories...just...not very well...

I'm particularly fond of stories featuring pirates, robots, masked persons, post-apocalyptic settings, or other fantastical elements of fantasy.

I apologize for not commenting on most of the things I fave- just know that you are all awesome artists that inspire me to try out different techniques and styles.

I also apologize for apologizing so much. It's a bad habit of mine....I'm sorry.

Personal Quotes: "Needs more pirates."

"Wait! My brain just farted a golden cloud of knowledge! ..........I probably should have worded that differently..."

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