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My mind wanders from subject to subject, so dig deeper into my gallery to uncover some rarely viewed plushie deposits and ancient relics of my first attempts at sewing. And unearth some sculptures, drawings and photos ...

...Why am I talking like an archaeologist?

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Now with folders of organization! Look through them and be amazed at the wondrous art of others. Savor the awesome! Just...don't eat the folders.


So I had this dream last night about hanging out with some friends in a...Home Depot parking lot. My friends in the dream weren't even actual friends that I know..they were just some generic people that I can't even remember that well.  I don't even know what we were doing  in a parking lot, but this young lady approached us with a animal carrier of some sort, and she seemed miffed about something.  She gave me the animal carrier and went on some tirade about how she's been capturing raccoons because men apparently want to go out with ladies that own pet raccoons, but she can't get a date at all.  She would catch a raccoon, get rejected by a man, release the raccoon, catch another one, and start the cycle over and over again.  So she angrily stomped off into Home Depot while I took the raccoon out of the cage.

It was a really cute raccoon- really chubby and round, very affectionate, too.  I took an instant liking to him, and carried him around like a big, fat, furry Togepi.  The rest of the group of friends were discussing some other stuff- I was too busy playing with the raccoon to care.  Suddenly, the raccoon decided this was the perfect opportunity to telepathically communicate a message to me.  It was a name of some sort of comic book villain.  I don't remember what the name was, but my dream self was freaking out over the apparently familiar name and told the rest of the group about what had just occurred.

So now we have a telepathic raccoon urging us to take action against a comic book villain.  My group of friends decides that we should head to the nearby comic book store and talk to the manager, who is an expert on all things comic-related.  So we head off to a comic book had a huge Marvel logo above it, so I guess it was owned by Marvel...I dunno.  We get into the store, and are about to go over to the manager, but something catches my eye.  I head over to a stand, with a fat raccoon still in my arms, frantically searching the display.  The dream basically ends with me shouting for my friends to help me find a keychain of Cloudjumper, because they were having a discount special on How To Train Your Dragon keychains.  -_-

And now I feel bad about posting about dreams all the here's a groovy video with Phoenix Wright and a Daft Punk cameo. 
I just really like this song so much..;A;
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Amanda H.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I draw, sew, construct items out of various materials (mostly fanart/plushies/cosplay items), and occasionally I try to make up characters/stories...just...not very well...

I'm particularly fond of stories featuring pirates, robots, masked persons, post-apocalyptic settings, or other fantastical elements of fantasy.

I apologize for not commenting on most of the things I fave- just know that you are all awesome artists that inspire me to try out different techniques and styles.

I also apologize for apologizing so much. It's a bad habit of mine....I'm sorry.

Personal Quotes: "Needs more pirates."

"Wait! My brain just farted a golden cloud of knowledge! ..........I probably should have worded that differently..."

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